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    305K - Filling Assembly Type BA



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    279 - Thermal Safety Valve


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    127 – Air and Dirt Separator with magnet


Company profile 

Our passion for valves goes back to the year 1972. In that very year IMT ARMATUREN AG was founded in Au in the Rhine valley of the canton St. Gallen, Switzerland, where our headquarters is still located today.

More than 50 years experience in manufacturing gives Architects and Engineers the safety of having a partner with IMT that meets their expectations and performances of innovation, progress, reliability and code conformance.

Therefore more and more OEM's, wholesalers, contractors and end users demand IMT valves. IMT valves have earned worldwide an excellent name. IMT has become a synonym for quality.
In Borgosesia, a city in the middle of one of the Italian valve and faucet centers, situated between Milan and Turin, IMT has its own manufacturing plant. All IMT valves are engineered and manufactured by IMT employees.

IMT ARMATUREN SRL has a certified quality system management according to ISO 9001:2015.
Logo isoCertificate Nr. IT314900.
Besides that it has several certificates of countries around the globe.

Machines and Equipment, which are state of the art, guarantee the quality the customers expect: Swiss precision and punctuality combined with Italian fantasy and flexibility are the secrets of IMT.

IMT has a sales department and large warehouse in Widnau, Switzerland for its European customers. 
That's why orders can be shipped within 24 hours; extremely urgent orders can be shipped within 2 hours. 

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Thumbnail FIG. 278 - IMT ANTIFREEZE VALVE, WORKING UP TO 90°C THE SOLUTION FOR PREVENTING ICE FORMATION IN HEAT PUMP CIRCUIT ApplicationIMT Antifreeze Valve Fig. 278 prevents the formation of ice in heat...
Thumbnail IMT ARMATUREN is introducing a new compact and aesthetically attractive filter with magnet for application under boiler.  The IMT underboiler magnetic filter eliminates the impurities contained in...
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Tel. +41/71/7443971


Via delle Fontane, 66
13011 Borgosesia (VC)
Tel: +39/0163/204.555
Fax: +39/0163/204.556
P.IVA / C.F. 00206070021

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