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The Valve Marking System professional contractors use for ball valves where valve and system identification is requested.

The MULTILOGO handle allows the installer to mark the valve after it is installed.
The installer can choose among 5 standard colours of handle inserts to identify different piping systems: 

Standard colorsPossible services
blue cold water or heating system return
red hot water or heating system supply
green  potable water
yellow  gas service
 white  air service

The contractor can choose among a long handle, T-handle and butterfly-handle.

The installer can use the marking pen to mark or even customize the handle inserts.
The inserts can be pre-marked in the shop to save time in the field or can be customized with company trademarks.
The possibilities are endless. IMT also offers a variety of pre-marked inserts.
With MULTILOGO the contractor can make a professional job.

Our ball valves 492 M Multilogo and 594 M Multilogo are delivered as follows:
1 Multilogo Ball Valve
1 Round Insert, yellow, IMT (also for valves with Multilogo Butterfly Handle)
1 Round Insert, red, IMT (also for valves with Multilogo Butterfly Handle)
1 Long Insert, yellow, pre-marked GAS (also for valves with Multilogo T-Handle)
1 Long Insert, green, pre-marked KALTWASSER (also for valves with Multilogo T-Handle)
1 Long Insert, red, pre-marked HEIZUNG VORLAUF (also for valves with Multilogo T-Handle)
1 Long Insert, blue, pre-marked HEIZUNG RÜCKLAUF (also for valves with Multilogo T-Handle)
1 Long Insert, white, blank (also for valves with Multilogo T-Handle)

04200 Blank Inserts


04200.RO red
04200.BL blue
04200.GR green
04200.WE white
04200.GE yellow

04100 Round Inserts


04100.RO red
04100.BL blue
04100.GL green
04100.WE white
04100.GE yellow

04400 Marking Pen


04200 Pre-marked Inserts



04200.RO01 Heizung Vorlauf red
04200.BL02 Heizung Rücklauf blue
04200.RO03  Heizung Vorlauf EG red
04200.BL04  Heizung Rücklauf EG blue
04200.RO05  Heizung Vorlauf 1.OG red
04200.BL06 Heizung Rücklauf  1.OG blue
04200.RO07  Warmwasser red
04200.GR08 Kaltwasser green
04200.WE09 Zirkulation white
04200.GR10 Kalwasser Garten green
04200.RO11 Fussbodenheizung Vorlauf red
04200.BL12 Fussbodenheizung Rücklauf blue
04200.RO13 Heizung Radiatoren Vorlauf red
04200.BL14 Heizung Radiatoren Rücklauf blue
04200.GE15 Gas yellow
04200.WE.16 Regenwasser Kein Trinkwasser white
04200.RO17 Hot Supply red
04200.BL18 Cold Return blue
04200.GR19 Potable water green

04000 - 04020 Suitcase


With 20 round inserts and 20 blank long inserts per color (yellow, blue, red, green and white) for a total of 200 pieces, enough for 100 valves. Complete with marking pen.

With 20 pre-marked long inserts “Heizung Vorlauf” red, “Heizung Rücklauf” blue, “Warmwasser” red, “Kaltwasser” green, “Gas” yellow with their corresponding 20 round IMT inserts (enough for 100 valves).

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