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126K - Automatic Air Vent EXCELLENT in Questra


The Air Vent with a new technique hidden inside.
The float is designed as a cylindrical hollow body with the opening facing downwards, which collects the fl owing air bubbles and allows a constant venting function.
Thanks to the O-Ring at the threaded connection you don’t need to use hemp or PTFE tape.
The Air Vent is patented.
Without Stopvalve.

Structural Pressure 6 bar (87 psi)
Working Pressure 3 bar (43,5 psi)
Temperature Rating max. 85°C (185°F) water (no steam)
Body and Cap in Questra
Fluid: water and water/glycol mixtures (30%).




126k 1 QUESTRA NWA 7030
2 Polypropylene
3 Norylic Resin
4 Stainless Steel
5 NBR 50 Shore
6 NBR 70 Shore
7 Polyacetalic
9 Polypropylene
10 NBR 70 Shore



Dimensions in mm

12603K 3/8” 10,5 24 83 48


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